About Our Show

We are Master Gardener Volunteers. Our stories explore gardening in our region, the intersection of horticulture and innovation, and the people who are leading the way.

The Master Gardener program is part of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.  There are 88 Master Gardener programs in counties across our state.

Master Gardeners receive extensive training to help connect gardeners with the vast reservoir of horticultural expertise and research developed at NC State University. We volunteer our time in own counties and this show gives us another way to reach people in our communities. You can hear our stories by:

  • Listening live on WCOM 103.5 FM (Carrboro) on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM
  • Listening live on WDFC 101.7 FM (Greensboro) on Saturdays at 8:00 AM
  • Listen live on WPVM 103.7 FM (Asheville) on Saturdays at 10:00 AM
  • Coming Fall 2015 – Listen live on WHUP 104.7 FM (Hillsborough) on Saturdays
  • Subscribing to our website –we will send you an e-mail alert when a new episode comes out
  • Subscribing to our podcast 

Send us an email and let us know your thoughts about stories you’d like to hear on the show. info@gettingdirtyradioshow.org

Support Our Show 

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support the Extension Master Gardener program, including this radio show.  You can help us expand our reach, the topics we cover, and the reporting skills of our Master Gardener Volunteers. We need your help to stay on the air.  Donate Now.

Fund raising efforts for the Extension Master Gardener Program operate under the auspices of the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3, tax id 56-6049304. You will receive an official receipt for your donation. 

Press Coverage

  • Our show was awarded the NCEMGVA innovation award – September 2015
  • North Carolina Master Gardeners Blaze Virtual Trail – published on eXtension.org June 2015
  • JC Raulston Arboretum – 2015 Fall Newsletter

Meet Our Team

Harold Johnson – Show Host and Frequent Contributor

Our show’s host and frequent contributor, Harold Johnson is a Durham County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer and a thirty-four year resident of the Triangle.  Retired from a career of creating and delivering field and management development training, Harold has for the past twenty years actively pursued the art of bonsai, including teaching classes and presenting bonsai to groups ranging from kindergarteners to Seniors in the Southeast.  Harold looks forward to sharing gardening information through broadcasts and in person.

Lise Jenkins – Producer and Frequent Contributor

Our show’s producer and frequent contributor, Dr. Lise Jenkins became a Durham County Extension Master Gardener volunteer in 2009, when she retired after 25 years in the technology industry. A transplanted midwesterner, Lise approaches gardening like a midwestern farmer and wants everything on her 1/8-acre of suburban heaven to be productive.  Lise teaches at the Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning at North Carolina State University and conducts classes around the piedmont on behalf of the Durham County Master Gardener program. She is the third generation in her family to serve in the Cooperative Extension Service.

Charles Murphy – Featured Contributor

Regularly featured on the show as the Enthuastic Gardener, Charles Murphy retired from UNC School of Medicine in 2006, and completed the Durham County Master Gardener class shortly after that.  Gardening interests go back a long time, having grown up with parents who were avid amateur vegetable and flower gardeners.  Special interests include gardening in raised beds and lawn establishment and maintenance. An inveterate teacher who enjoys talking with people about their gardening successes and problems, searching for reliable information to help answer questions, and sharing his knowledge with anyone who will stand still long enough.

Additional Contributors

Wendy Diaz – Photographer 

A photographer and writer for the show, Wendy is a Canadian transplant who enjoys our four seasons –especially spring.  She is a life-long gardener and also enjoys soccer, biking, reading, and traveling. Wendy holds a B.Sc. in Geological Sciences from Queen’s University in Kingston and a Masters of Science in Hydrogeology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. She has conducted Environmental Site Assessments on soil and groundwater contaminated sites while working in Houston, Calgary, Hamilton and Toronto areas.  Wendy enjoys volunteering in the Briggs Ave Community Garden and is a new Master Gardener Volunteer in Durham County as of May 2015.

Kit Flynn – Writer

A contributor to the show, Kit Flynn joined the Durham County Extension Master Gardener program in 2003 and became the newsletter editor in 2005. Her garden was televised (“A Gardener’s Diary”) around 2006 on HGTV.  She also writes professionally for “The Triangle Gardener” and “Senior Correspondent.” When she first moved here from NYC in 1992 there were no deer (they arrived after Meadowmount was built). Now she has a fence around her one acre garden so she can indulge in her current passion: sustainable roses. She is a graduate of Cornell University and Duke University, has two Lakeland Terriers, two Havanese, four grown sons, and nine grandchildren.

John Harrelson – Contributor

Our show’s medical correspondent, Dr. John Harrelson, was a orthopedic surgeon at Duke University Medical Center until he retired from clinical practice in 2002.  John attended Duke University for his undergraduate and medical education.  He served three years in the Navy and joined the faculty at Duke University in 1973.  An ambitious gardener, John tends to several acres in Durham.  He joined the Durham County Extension Master Gardener program in 2013.


Amy Hill – Timely Tips

Author of our show’s Timely Tips, Amy Hills is a native North Carolinian, having grown up in Lexington in Davidson County.  She is a graduate of Duke University and holds a degree in English.   She worked as an editor for McGraw-Hill in Washington DC and Chicago before moving back to Durham in the fall of 2002.  She is now a stay-at-home mom of two children.  She joined the Durham County Extension Master Gardener program in 2005.


Georgianna Kiggins – Transcriptionist 

Georgianna is a native of North Carolina, where she enjoyed a 30 year career in education. She never realized how much she would love retirement when she would have the opportunity to garden on a more regular basis. She became a Master Gardener in 2008 to help put a name to plants she loved and gain an understanding of how to keep them happy. Helping others with their gardening came as quite a bonus. She prefers to take the easy route by using plants that adapt easily to her small garden spot. She and her husband often travel and always manage to find a garden along the way. She is an Extension Master Gardener in Lee County.

Dan Mason – Contributor

A contributor to the show, Dan Mason has been performing, directing and teaching in the Triangle area for over 30 years.   He is an award winning performer and director receiving 3 Cantey Performance Awards at Raleigh Little Theatre.   As director, Dan has led countless teens to stage careers through his work with the North Carolina 4-H Performing Arts Troupe and the Teen Arts Program in Raleigh. He is a Soloist, Assistant Music Director, and accompanist at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Raleigh.  Dan’s gardening interests include vegetables, perennials, fruits, shrubs and cut flower gardens. Having recently acquired a greenhouse he is looking forward to growing seedlings for his garden and to share. He is an Extension Master Gardener in Durham County.

Carol Mcpherson – Orange County Correspondant

Carol moved to the Triangle area (Hillsborough) in 2010 from St. Paul, Minnesota. She worked as a social worker, then as an epidemiologist, but always had a passionate interest in gardening. She recently completed the Orange County Master Gardener training and is enrolled in the Native Plant Studies certificate program at the UNC Botanical Gardens. Her particular obsession is with trees and she is busy making friends with some of the remarkable specimens here in North Carolina. She is an Extension Master Gardener in Orange County.

Doug Roach – Photographer

A retired professional photographer, Doug now volunteers his time and talent as a Durham County Extension Master Gardener volunteer and contributes his wonderful photographs to illustrate some of our stories.  Having spent most of his life in Miami, Doug says its weird not having every plant as a perennial, but he’s learning to be a zone 7 gardener.  Doug’s dog, Charlie, is regularly featured our MGV newsletter and feels like he is part of the team.

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