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  • Enjoying the Season


    Plants help us celebrate the holidays. Find out if a live Christmas tree is right for you, learn about the development of new poinsettias, and how to add color to your winter garden.  We’ll also find out how to keep… Read More ›

  • Rehab Old Raised Beds


    Raised beds are a popular strategy for gardening in heavy clay soil.  But like all things, raised beds don’t last forever.  Charles Murphy brings us strategies for breathing new life into old beds.     Key Points Raised beds are… Read More ›

  • Poinsettias are Here


    Poinsettias have started showing up…everywhere.  NC State plays a big role in bringing new cultivars to the marketplace and you can see what’s new at the JC Raulston Arboretum Poinsettia Open House on December 6th.  Find out more as Lise… Read More ›

  • A Coach for Your Garden

    Eric Eibelheuser

    The right plant in the right place, sounds easy right?  But our gardens are dynamic and what used to be the right plant can change over time. Harold Johnson meets a garden coach and they talk about the things that real… Read More ›

  • Meet the Perfect Tree

    Carpinus caroliniana

      Carol McPherson introduces us to the perfect tree —the American Hornbeam, also know as Musclewood, Ironwood, Blue Beech, or Water Beech tree.  Find out if this tree is perfect for you too?     Resources NC State Plant Facts… Read More ›

  • Terrace Gardens Tour Continued

    Black Elephant Ears

    Charles Murphy wraps up his tour of the Terrace Gardens at Duke Gardens as he talks with its curator Mike Owens. The Terrace Gardens is the oldest section of Duke Gardens and has undergone tremendous change over the years.  Mike… Read More ›

  • November Adventures 

    Our weather is turing colder and our gardening chores are changing.  This month we show you ways to raise a wild child, meet a young flower farmer, learn how to breath new life into old raised beds.  We will also… Read More ›

  • A Rainbow of Winners Rainbow at Raulston

    The JC Raulston Arboretum conducts plant trials throughout the year, putting 500-700 plants through their paces. Lise Jenkins visited the arboretum and learned that it takes more than just a pretty face to make it into the garden centers.  Find… Read More ›

  • Success with Pecans

    A pecan tree is an investment that can pay off big rewards if you make the right choices from the start.  Amy Hill is here with steps you can take to get started right so you’ll have sweet rewards into… Read More ›

  • Visit the Terrace Garden at Duke Gardens

    Mike Owens is the curator of the Terrace Gardens, one of the oldest parts of Duke Gardens.  He takes Charles Murphy on a tour of the Terrace Gardens and shows Charles some of the recent changes and talks about what… Read More ›


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