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Terrace Gardens Tour Continued

Charles Murphy wraps up his tour of the Terrace Gardens at Duke Gardens as he talks with its curator Mike Owens. The Terrace Gardens is the oldest section of Duke Gardens and has undergone tremendous change over the years.  Mike… Read More ›

November Adventures 

Our weather is turing colder and our gardening chores are changing.  This month we show you ways to raise a wild child, meet a young flower farmer, learn how to breath new life into old raised beds.  We will also… Read More ›

A Rainbow of Winners Rainbow at Raulston

The JC Raulston Arboretum conducts plant trials throughout the year, putting 500-700 plants through their paces. Lise Jenkins visited the arboretum and learned that it takes more than just a pretty face to make it into the garden centers.  Find… Read More ›

Success with Pecans

A pecan tree is an investment that can pay off big rewards if you make the right choices from the start.  Amy Hill is here with steps you can take to get started right so you’ll have sweet rewards into… Read More ›

Avian Flu Alert

Avian flu is a lethal disease and is spread by migrating birds.   Dr. Sarah Mason of the NC Department of Agriculture, explains what owners of backyard flocks can do to help protect their birds from this lethal disease. Key… Read More ›

Where’s That Plant?

Master Gardener Kit Flynn can’t find her plants.  She confesses how she lost them and how you can avoid this fate.  Dan Mason brings us Kit’s Garden Story entitled, What is This Plant? Where is That Plant?  Mishaps in the… Read More ›

Hello Fall

Fall brings changes to our gardens.  Learn what you need to be doing with your lawn and ideas for planting trees.  A cautionary tale might prevent plant loss, meet a farmer, and Charles Murphy takes us on a visit to… Read More ›

Visit the Mason Farm Biological Reserve

Harold Johnson visits the Mason Farm Biological Reserve managed by the NC Botanical Garden.  He talks with Dr. Johnny Randall and Ken Moore about the farm and the treasures it holds.  The farm protects natural areas and supports research and… Read More ›

Flowers at 65 MPH

North Carolina’s Department of Transportation maintains more than 300,000 acres of roadside plantings and produces beautiful displays under some of the toughest conditions imaginable. Lise Jenkins learns about the department’s plans to expand their popular roadside wildflower program to support… Read More ›

Time to Plant Wildflowers in Your Garden

Have you considered adding wildflowers to your garden?  They’re tough, can grow in many different locations, and provide food and shelter for your garden’s VIPs -Very Important Pollinators.  Lise Jenkins talks with Durham’s former Horticulture Agent, Michelle Wallace about how… Read More ›


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