Enjoying the Season

Plants help us celebrate the holidays. Find out if a live Christmas tree is right for you, learn about the development of new poinsettias, and how to add color to your winter garden.  We’ll also find out how to keep… Read More ›

A Coach for Your Garden

The right plant in the right place, sounds easy right?  But our gardens are dynamic and what used to be the right plant can change over time. Harold Johnson meets a garden coach and they talk about the things that real… Read More ›

Visit the Terrace Garden at Duke Gardens

Mike Owens is the curator of the Terrace Gardens, one of the oldest parts of Duke Gardens.  He takes Charles Murphy on a tour of the Terrace Gardens and shows Charles some of the recent changes and talks about what… Read More ›

Children’s Programs at Duke Gardens

Are you raising a wild child?  Kavanah Anderson of Duke Gardens talks about the importance of connecting kids with nature and playing outside.  She tells Harold Johnson about some of the programs Duke Gardens has especially for kids and how… Read More ›

Where’s That Plant?

Master Gardener Kit Flynn can’t find her plants.  She confesses how she lost them and how you can avoid this fate.  Dan Mason brings us Kit’s Garden Story entitled, What is This Plant? Where is That Plant?  Mishaps in the… Read More ›

Visit the Japanese Tea House at Duke Gardens

Duke Gardens Asiatic Arboretum is home to a traditional Japanese Tea House.  Charles Murphy takes a tour of it with its curator Paul Jones.  Paul explains how it was built and the similarities it has to the tobacco barn in… Read More ›

Some Flowers are Slower than Others

The cut flowers you bring home from your local retailer may be more exotic than you think. Nearly 80% of the flowers sold in the U.S. were not grown here but have traveled thousands of miles often over several weeks… Read More ›

July – Summertime Fun

This month we will get to know the Live Oak tree, learn about Biochar, and how to protect our gardens using Integrated Pest Management strategies.  Also, Charles Murphy begins a series introducing us to the Asiatic Arboretum at Duke Gardens… Read More ›

Meet Riverdave Owen

Riverdave Owen is a leader in our community among those who care about our trees.  He’s worked tirelessly to introduce us to the wonders that can be found along the Eno river and has been a dedicated volunteer to protect… Read More ›

Hello, Summer

Summer is here! Monarch butterflies have started their migration and you can help lessen some of the challenges they face.  Your kitchen scraps have a lot more value than you may realize –meet some people who are unlocking their value.  Its… Read More ›


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