Time to Plant Wildflowers in Your Garden

Have you considered adding wildflowers to your garden?  They’re tough, can grow in many different locations, and provide food and shelter for your garden’s VIPs -Very Important Pollinators.  Lise Jenkins talks with Durham’s former Horticulture Agent, Michelle Wallace about how… Read More ›

National Honey Bee Day

August 22nd is National Honey Bee Day.  In an effort to help feed a bee, NC State Extension Master Gardener Volunteers in Durham county have partnered with Bayer’s Bee Care Center to distribute free packets of wildflower seeds.  You can… Read More ›

IPM with Sam Marshall

Integrated Pest Management, IPM, is a collection of strategies aimed at managing garden pests with the lowest possible levels of chemicals.  Brunswick County Horticulture Agent Sam Marshall explains some basic IPM tenets to Lise Jenkins.   KEY POINTS Integrated Pest Management key practices include Prevention – keeping… Read More ›

There’s Gold in Your Kitchen Scraps

Each of us throws out about a pound of food each day.  Most of that ends up in our landfills and becomes a source of methane.  Lise Jenkins learns that, while she has a small yard and can’t have a… Read More ›

Will We Lose the Monarch Butterfly?

Monarch populations have plummeted more than 80% since the 1990s. Choices you make in your garden can have a real impact.  Amy Hill brings us some timely tips for things you can do to help create habit and save these… Read More ›

Hello, Summer

Summer is here! Monarch butterflies have started their migration and you can help lessen some of the challenges they face.  Your kitchen scraps have a lot more value than you may realize –meet some people who are unlocking their value.  Its… Read More ›

Stop the Attack of Invasive Plants

The NC Botanical Garden works to conserve and expand our native plants.  Exotic invasive plants pose significant threats to our plant, insect, and wildlife populations.  Dr. Johnny Randall, Director of Conservation Programs at the NC Botanical Garden, talks with Harold Johnson… Read More ›

A Century of Honeybees

Our Master Gardener program visited the Bayer Bee Care Center to learn about the research they conduct and what we can all do to help honeybees. While Durham is an urban county, Lise Jenkins learned that there are over 200… Read More ›

April – Avoiding Injuries, Sycamore Trees, Honeybees, Kit’s Circus Wagon, Arbor Day, Brody Garden, Landscape Management

Gardening in underway and it can be a dangerous world out there.  Dr. John Harrelson  tells us how to stay safe in our gardens. Carol McPherson joins our team with a Tree Top profile of the American Sycamore Tree.  Lise Jenkins learns… Read More ›

Fending Off Lady Beetles

We’re heading into winter, which means that you may soon find Asian lady beetles (commonly known as lady bugs) on your windows and light fixtures. Although they can be a nuisance, and can stink and stain surfaces if they’re crushed,… Read More ›


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