Soil and Water

Stop North Carolina’s #1 Water Pollutant

The rain falling on your garden today is someone else’s drinking water tomorrow.  NC State Extension Water Quality Specalist Mitch Woodward explains why we are all responsible for the quality of our drinking water.   Key Points Sediment is North… Read More ›

Who’s Down There?

This week Harold Johnson talks to soil ecologist Dr. Nicolette Cagle.  She is a lecturer at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University.  She also directs the Environmental Science Summer Program at Duke, and is a NC Science… Read More ›

Digging into Dig It

Dig It: The Secrets of Soil is at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences through August 16th.  Wake county’s horticultural agent, Dr. Jeana Myers took Lise Jenkins on a tour of this special exhibit and explains why we should pay… Read More ›

August – In the Heat of Summer

This month we take you on a tour of the Dig It exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and continue our tour the Asiatic Arboretum at Duke Gardens by visiting the new expansion area.  You’ll also learn how… Read More ›

Digging into Dig It

This week, Wake county’s Horticulture agent toured the NC Museum of Natural Science special exhibit “Dig It: The Secrets of Soil”.  The exhibit remains at the museum until August 16th. To find out more and plan your visit the museum’s website.  … Read More ›

Biochar – Ancient Amendment with a Modern Twist

Description Archeologists have discovered charcoal deposits near ancient human settlements produce highly fertile soil, or “black earth”.  Biochar is charcoal that has been treated with nutrients and inoculated with beneficial organisms.  Harold Johnson talks with John Bonitz of Celebrity Dirt – Soil… Read More ›

July – Summertime Fun

This month we will get to know the Live Oak tree, learn about Biochar, and how to protect our gardens using Integrated Pest Management strategies.  Also, Charles Murphy begins a series introducing us to the Asiatic Arboretum at Duke Gardens… Read More ›

Native Plants Make Gardening Easier

Soil types, weather patterns, and local conditions dictate what plants will thrive in a location.  Chatham county horticulture agent, Charlotte Glenn, explains why native plants make best use of these conditions.       Key Points Our native plants are… Read More ›

There’s Gold in Your Kitchen Scraps

Each of us throws out about a pound of food each day.  Most of that ends up in our landfills and becomes a source of methane.  Lise Jenkins learns that, while she has a small yard and can’t have a… Read More ›

Empty Calories or Dense Nutrition – Strategies for Sustaining Your Soil

The top 8” of the earth’s crust sustains all life on Earth and we have the power to destroy or sustain it.  Durham county Master Gardener volunteers Lynne Nelson and Charles Murphy discuss how best to cultivate healthy plants and nourish our soil.  Empty… Read More ›


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